One of the folks in my writing group was having trouble coming up with a title for her book. Apparently, this problem isn’t entirely out of the ordinary. So in order to help those folks out there with a similar problem, here are ten suggested methods you might consider when it’s time to name your book. (I use each method for Focus as an example.)

  1. Pick the major technology/concept that makes your story work. (Focus)
  2. Flip to a random page and pick an adjective. Then flip to another page and pick a noun. (Deep Shoulders)
  3. Pick the first three words of the book. (What A Mess)
  4. Pick the first two adjectives somebody used to describe the book. (Colorful Crazy)
  5. Take the title from the first suggestion and add the subtitle “A Love Story” (Focus: A Love Story)
  6. Use the name of a main character. (Adam)
  7. Use the name of a secondary character, to throw the readers off your trail. (Thom)
  8. Take the title from the first suggestion and rhyme it. (Focus Pocus)
  9. Take your favorite scene and describe it in two words. (Electromagnetic Disaster)
  10. The very next person you see, tell that person your book blurb and write down the first thing that comes to their mind. (Wait, What?)

I hope that helps.